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Ghana climate is a tropical one because of Ghana's location, a few degrees above the earth's equator. It varies across the entire country and solely dependant on the temperature, rainfall and humidity.

Temperatures are high all year round, except on the hills and mountainous areas, like the Aburi and the Kwahu mountains.
Temperatures drop in the wet seasons but remain relatively humid.
The annual mean temperature is about 28 C(82.4F)

Ghana has two seasons: wet and dry. 

Wet; During summer in the northern hemisphere, the monsoon winds pushes northward across the country from the southwest. This warm air mass carried by the winds bring torrential rains and thunder storms.

This normally occurs between April and September, with July- August being the peaks in most areas.This is the Rainy Season.

The Axim area, located in the southwest tip of Ghana receives the highest amount of rainfall throughout the whole year.

Dry; In dry the season, the northeast trade winds from the northern hemisphere travels across to the south, bringing dry and dusty warm air from the Sahara desert.
In most cases, the northern parts of Ghana could hit maximum temperatures of about 32 C(89.6F).

This normally occurs between late November and Late March, with December- January being the peaks. This is the Harmattan Season.

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