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A citizen of a foreign country, wishing to enter into another, generally must obtain an entry clearance or a Visa. This can be either a Non-immigrant visa for temporary stay, or a migrant visa for permanent residence.

The type of visa you must have is defined by immigration law and relates to the purpose of your travel.

Ghana is a member of the Commonwealth and also a member of the Economic Community of West Africa(ECOWAS). All members of ECOWAS have a 90 day visa-free entry into Ghana.

If you are a citizen of any of the West African countries and not sure whether your country is a member, don't worry, read more about Ecowas and its members here.(opens a new window).

All nationalities, except members of ECOWAS must obtain a visa. This must be acquired in advance to prevent unnecessary delays. Contact the Ghanaian High Commission or Embassy in your country for all Ghana visa information.

Types Of Ghana Visas:

Generally, there are 3 types of visas;

(i) Tourism Visa - single & multiple,

(ii) Business Visa - single & multiple,

(iii) Student.

For the purpose of this site, I would emphasize on the first two types of visas.


Tourism Visa,
You must submit the following;

1.  A valid and signed Passport with at least 6 months from expiration

2.  A fully completed and signed 4 Visa Application forms

3.  4 Passport-sized photos(taken not more than 3 months)

4.  Original International Certificate of Vaccination against Yellow Fever

5.  4 copies of round trip airline ticket or Itinerary 

6.  The correct Visa Fees.

Business Visa, all of the above must be submitted with;

1.  A letter from your company, stating your responsibilities and purpose of the trip, on the company letterhead.

This letter must clarify the nature of the business to be carried out, the host's name and address in Ghana, and prove of sufficient funds. This letter should be signed by the company manager.

Why would I be Refused a Visa?

Depending on your status, your visa could be denied by some or a combination of the reasons listed below;
  • Fraudulent documentation, ambiguity or misrepresentation on application forms,
  • Cannot provide evidence of strong economic ties in country of residence,
  • Plans to live or work in Ghana during visit,
  • No proof of financial resources to cover entire trip, and during their stay in Ghana,
  • Has transmittable or quarantined diseases,
  • No proof of accommodation in Ghana,
  • Has a criminal record or has criminal charges awaiting,
  • Mentally insane people,
  • Applying on the verge of travel,
  • Being considered to be a security risk,
  • Has history of immigration violations.

To prevent delays in application processing time and other related issues, always read the Ghana Visa Tips section to get it done once. Also check Ghana Embassies Abroad here.

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