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If you are planning a trip to the beautiful country of Ghana, more than likely you'll want to know a bit about the weather before you start packing.

After all, the climate will influence the clothing choices that you'll want to bring along with you. So, let's take a quick look at the Ghana climate.

Ghana is situated right in West Africa's heart, and it is only 5 degrees north of the equator.

This means that the climate is indeed tropical with lush forests and interesting jungles in the southern regions and large savannas up in the northern parts of the country. Because of the amount of rain that falls, you'll find that the vegetation is green and beautiful as well.

You'll find that the Ghana climate is indeed a tropical one, but depending on the elevation and the season, you'll find that the temperatures may vary.

There are two rainy seasons that will occur throughout most of Ghana, except for in the northern part of the country. One rainy season occurs from April through July, and the second rainy season lasts from September through November.

However, in the northern parts of Ghana, the rain season actually starts in April and lasts all the way through September. During the winter months, the harmattan, this is a desert wind that is warm and dry, blows through the north east region of the country. This creates hot days that are less humid and nights that are quite cool.

When it comes to temperatures, they are quite moderate all year long. Usually throughout the entire year the temperatures average in the low to mid 80's with lows usually falling in the 70's at night.

So, the temperatures are quite temperate. You definitely won't need heavy clothing with you when you visit Ghana. However, because of all the rain, umbrella or rain ponchos are definitely going to be musts when you travel to Ghana.

So, you may be wondering when the best time is to visit Ghana relative to the climate. Well, really you'll find that you can visit the area just about any time with great results.

However, if you prefer it a bit cooler, you'll want to stay near the coast, since it is usually quite a bit cooler on the coast. The further you go inland, the more arid you will find the weather to be.

Now that you know a bit more about the climate, you are better prepared to plan for your trip. Packing light color loose clothing is best, and a hat is even a great idea to keep the sun off your head.

Some rain gear is a great idea as well. Just plan for some warmth and some rain, and you'll be ready to go.

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