Holy Trinity Spa is located in a serene and natural environment on the Volta Lake and this paradise on earth is your one stop destination for a good relaxation from all the stress and pollution of city life.

A harmonious sound of streaming water rippling from a natural fountain is what ushers you into the Spa for a pleasant stay.

The Holy Trinity Beauty and Health Spa is located at Sogakope in the Volta Region of Ghana. If you are coming from Accra, you would have to endure a 2 hour journey through Tema to Sogakope for a splendid adventure.

The ideology of the Spa is to use water as a holistic health method to instill a calm tranquil atmosphere and help you rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. The Spa is fully equipped with state of the art equipment as any top class Spa should have.

With services ranging from detoxification, stress management, addiction management, anxiety and depression management, sleep therapy, weight reduction, holistic therapies ranging from physical, emotional and mental ailments and also honeymoon and anniversary vacationing.

Holy Trinity Spa also has exquisite services with separate infra-red and steam rooms for men and women with adjoining shower facilities, whirlpools and air pools, swimming pool surrounded by a medieval rocky waterfall, Grooming Saloon, Betar (music/ relaxation) therapy, Natural Health Shop, Tennis Court, a gymnasium, Christian library and a Restaurant Serving Chinese, Continental, Ghanaian and Spa Cuisine.

With the best therapists, beauticians, physicians and psychologists in the country, it is no wonder that Holy Trinity Spa is number 1 in West Africa. Their team of medical professional make sure that your stay at the Spa, is a fulfilling experience.

The ambience of the place would keep you in touch with nature, as it is designed in a way that would make you forget all about your worries and just concentrate on rejuvenating and getting your body mind and soul in shape.

You might also be interested in visiting the  Wli Water Falls which offers you a serene touch with nature bound to leave a lasting impression on you. Then, you can make a detour to visit the Tafi Monkey Village sanctuary to learn about the legend of this mysterious village filled with monkeys or you can go hiking and mountain climbing on the Mount Afadjato.

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