Hotels in Koforidua and its surroundings are very affordable since this region is kind of laid back as compared to the Greater Accra and Ashanti Regions. I've carefully compiled a list of some best ones you can check out before your departure;

Aburi Mountains
Little Acre Hotel, Aburi GardenLITTLE ACRE HOTEL;

This hotel is very affordable and the staff are very friendly and helpful. Ideal for single travellers. Located on the mountains of Aburi and Larteh. Aburi Botanical Gardens is about 10mins and about 35mins from Accra airport.

Akosombo Area
Afrikiko Water Front resort, akosombo Ghana AFRIKIKO WATER FRONT RESORT;

This hotel has a beautiful aesthetic features. Rooms come in chalets with a beautifully trimmed lawn. You are very close to nature at this water front resort. Ideal for relaxation.

Akosombo Continental Hotel, Akosombo GhanaAKOSOMBO CONTINENTAL HOTEL;  

Very large swimming pool. The hotel overlooks the Akosombo dam and it also has it's own small zoo on site. Kids love this place. Bring your own gear and you can go fishing in the Volta Lake, the largest man-made lake.

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