KNUST Alumni of Washington DC Metropolitan Chapter met with the National Alumni President of Northern America, Professor. Samuel Evan Adunyah on February 21, 2009 in Virginia – USA, to discuss the issues and challenges facing the University, ways and means that each and everyone could contribute to the university in their small way and the inauguration of the Washington DC Metro Chapter which is schedule for April 4, 2009. Among the attendees were alumnus and alumnae who completed as far back as from 1974 to 2007.

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The meeting was opened with a prayer from Rev. Daniel Mensah, (Operkye) followed by the proceedings by the Interim President of the Chapter, Charles Otchere who also chaired the meeting. In his remarks, he disclosed to the members - the progress of the Chapter and the effort needed from each alumni to make this Chapter prolific.

He conversed on the need to embark this effort of forming our local Chapter and also the plans that lie ahead of the Chapter. The National President, Dr. Adunyah took the floor to explain to the members the history of the association and how far they have come.

He lauded on the good work that the Alumni have embarked on and also how the DC Metro Chapter can help to sustain the effort that they have put in place. He urged the alumni to visit KNUST campus whenever they visit Ghana to have a dialogue with the students at various departments. He reminded us not to undermine our exposure and experiences; hence we will be shocked how useful and beneficial some of our information will be to the students.

He assured them to contact him if anyone would like to visit the campus then he can arrange for the meeting. He talked about the need to set up an endowment fund for the University and also to use all the resource at our disposal to solicit for help and donation for the University.

The meeting was ended with a vote of thanks by Dora Ama Cudjoe. She commended the National President of his enthusiasm and his willingness to make this Chapter prolific. On behalf of the Interim executives and members of the association, she extended her heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to each and everyone who attended and also the organizers of the meeting and more especially Prof. Adunyah for traveling all the way from Tennessee to meet us.

KNUST Alumni of Washington DC Metro chapter is a group of former students of the University of Science and Technology, currently known as Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) who have come together to form an Association to bring together Students of TECH now living in the Washington DC , Maryland and Virginia area.

Membership is open to anyone was a student at TECH and received a course of instruction in any of the faculties for at least one academic year. Membership criteria expand to include their spouses and close relatives currently residing in the aforementioned areas.

The DC Metro Chapter falls under the umbrella of KNUST Alumni of Northern America. This group is presently steered by interim executives who have been assigned to champion the affairs of the Chapter until inauguration is lofted.

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Publicity Director KNUST Alumni Washington DC Metro Chapter. USA

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            Anim Sampong(Nafeel).

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