Kokrobite beach is a funky beach town and I highly recommend it to all beach lovers who want something different with lots of varieties. Its a home for all reggae lovers and rastafarians as well.

drum school ib ghana

In your shot is Richy my buddy, returning from the Drumming School.

Kokrobite is a small fishing village located on the long stretch of "beachlets" lined on the Ghana coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is about 25km west from Accra and is a popular beach destination for beach lovers seeking rich tropical paradise and pristine beaches.

The are many beaches, hotels and bars lined up on the entire coast. Some of these beaches are "quite" thus, making them ideal private spots for tourists in groups, schools and families.

There are huts built with palm or coconut branches, creating a cool habitat when the sun is scorching and also to keep your personal belongings.


Coconut trees are in abundant on the beaches so you can get fresh coconut all year round.
The bars serve chilled beer, tropical fruit punch and other assorted drinks.

kokrobite beachThere are nice food joints and restaurants everywhere. Enjoy both continental and local dishes with a perfect view of the beautiful ocean.

The best ones in this area include the Big Milly's, Kokrobite Garden Restaurant(Frenco's), Ocean View Restaurant and Mafioso's pizza prepared with local ingredients.

You can buy fresh sea foods directly from the local fishermen on the Kokrobite beach if you prefer to cook your own food at the beach or at home.

 Photos by
: Richy Rich


The newly built Cool Breeze Hotel, offers comfortable, Western standard accommodation for guests, parties, conferences and retreats and have a swimming pool(Oops, under construction) and other leisure facilities.

The hotel is situated on the right driving from Accra just before entering Kokrobite Village and is about five minutes' walk from the beach.

hotels in kokrobite

Beachside towards the new Cool Breeze Hotel

There are other affordable hotels and Inns almost everywhere in Kokrobite since this area is growing due to it's huge tourists patronization. Land and newly built houses can even be bought at discount prices.

Warning: With this said, always do your due delegence before releasing your cash with matters regarding purchasing land and houses.

Apart from hanging out, swimming and playing soccer on the beach, there are other activities which might interest everyone. There's always something going on every weekend.

The reggae night on Saturdays is one you wouldn't want to miss. Most bars and restaurants entertain you with live bands and cultural displays in the evenings and mostly on weekends.

Other attractions include the Academy of African Music and Arts (AAMA), which provides lodging, food and weekend dance and drumming shows. You can learn how to play local drums and learn some Ghanaian music and dance.

academy of african music and art
One of the Percussionists demonstrating his talent.

ghanaian music
Kokrobite Dance and Ensemble group in action.

Kokrobite Beach as you can see now, has evolved to be one of the best of Ghana Beaches. If you enjoy beach life, then look no further, let Kokrobite beach take you to a new level in tropical experience.


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