Mount Afadjato is one of the mountains in West Africa you would like to explore. Ghana may not be blessed with a lot of mountains and high peaks, but the few that are found in the country are just breathtaking. The most incredible of them all which also doubles as the highest peak in Ghana is MOUNTAIN AFADJATO.

Located in the town of Gbledi very near to the Ghana – Togo border in the Volta Region. Being the highest peak in Ghana, AFADJATO stands at an altitude of 880meters = 2900ft. It is worth noting that the suffix “TO” in the regions local dialect means mountain.

Legend has it that the name AFADJATO is derived from the “Ewe” word “Avadzeto” meaning at war with bush.

This sterns from the fact that on the mountain side, there are plants that cause skin irritation Thus the correct pronunciation of the mountain is AFADJATO and not Mount Afadjato.

The nearby town of Aduadu is actually the highest peak in Ghana but for a small relative height difference between the base and the peak, it is not considered a mountain.

If you are able to make it to the top of the mountain, you can inscribe your name on the rocks there as others have done to record your achievement.

As you feast your eyes to the panorama of mountain ranges spread around you and huge massifs that tower around you make you feel an intense closeness to nature like never before.

These mountains showered with lush green mountain vegetation define the border between Ghana and Togo. You also find gorges and between the mountains all cloaked with lush green vegetation and well conserved to maintain its natural beauty and splendor.


The feeling of being on the top of such a huge natural mystery makes you feel on top of the world. There is a feeling of freedom and contentment as you breathe in fresh and undiluted air from the peak of AFADJATO.

You might also be interested in visiting the  Wli Water Falls which offers you a serene touch with nature bound to leave a lasting impression on you. Then, you can make a detour to visit the Tafi Monkey Village sanctuary to learn about the legend of this mysterious village filled with monkeys






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