The Chop Bar: Ghanaian Food Restaurant In Accra

by The Chop Bar

The Chop Bar is the place for those with an interest in Ghana culture, traditions & much more. With colourful décor that focuses on African culture, the restaurant is located in an exquisite neighbourhood rich with nature and natural scenery. Get stunning Ghanaian food, impeccable service and elegant decor make The Chop Bar one of the best restaurants in Accra. Try out our mouth-watering dishes today!

Our Affordable Authentic Ghanaian Food Menu includes:

- African Snacks And Appetizers
- Special Main Meals
- Ghanaian Chicken Stew
- Flavorful Soup-Additions
- Local Ghanaian Drinks
- Lemonades Drinks
- Smoothie & Juices
- Virgin Cocktails Ghana
- Alcoholic Cocktails
- Tasting Shots
- Local Desserts

Order now and Get any of our meals delivered to your doorstep!!

You can also visit:
Achimota Mall, Accra, Ghana
+233 303 396 6603

A&C Mall, East Legon, Accra, Ghana
+233 303 977 843

Our Website:

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