Located in the nature depth of the Volta region of Ghana, Wli Water Falls, offers you a serene touch with nature bound to leave a lasting impression on you.

The journey from Accra to the Volta Region is about 2 hours on road and it takes you through the Industrial city of tema and across the captivating Adomi Bridge which lies over the Volta River. Wli is located in the hohoe district of the region.

The journey to the falls is a very interesting one as the Wli water falls is located within the tropical rainforest of the region. It’s like having a jungle tour with the grand price being the water falls.

Cascading from a height of about 60m, wli is the hieghest water falls in Ghana thus making it a favorite tourist attraction. Upon reaching the Wli water falls, you would marvel at its natural pure as you water crystal clear water streaming down for nowhere.

Accommodation for tourist is very available and affordable and you also have access to basic amenities like water, electricity and internet services. All these would make your trip to Wli waterfalls and unforgettable experience.

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You can check Mount Afadjato if you like to climb mountains or the Tafi Monkey Village sanctuary to get the story behind the mysterious monkeys in the village.

Another interesting place I recommend you check out after your hard day's tour in the Volta is to visit the Holy Trinity Spa to experience this exquisite and luxury but affordable spa, which offers more than what any spa can offer. Don't believe? Please check it now.

All these favourite attractions can not be found any where in Ghana but the Volta Region.

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