Western Region, The best they say comes from here.

There are several different regions in the country of Ghana and you'll find that one very interesting region is the Western Region of Ghana. This region is quite large and two of the larger cities in the area include Takoradi and Sekondi.

Also included in this region is Cape three Points, which is actually the location that is southernmost in the entire country of Ghana.

You'll find that the Western Region of Ghana is actually the region that gets the most rain all year long. Because of all the rain that falls on a regular basis, this region has soil that is very fertile and hills that are lush and green.

There are quite a few different gold mines throughout this region as well, include several small ones and even a few larger ones.

When it comes to the culture of the region, the Sefwi, Nzema, Ahanta, and Wassa dominate the area, which are particular Akan branches. The languages that are spoken across this region of Ghana include Ahanta, English, Fante, Wassa, Nzema, and Sefwi.

Although there are many traditional African religions practiced throughout this region, you'll also find that there are many in the area that practice Christianity as well.

A variety of rivers are found in this beautiful region of Ghana as well. The largest rivers that you'll find include the Pra River, the Ankobra River, the Tano River that helps to form part of the national border on the western side, and the Bia River.
Village on Water,nzulenzu
The area by the Tano River is well known because of the Nzulezo village,

that is totally built up on platforms and stilts over the top of the water.

It is also known for the protected area of Ankasa as well.

There are a variety of forts along the coastal area built by British, Portuguese, Brandenburgian, and Dutch, and they were built starting out in 1512 and after.
fort-sebastian in takoradi

There are many different post secondary schools to be found in the Western Region of Ghana, since education is quite important in the area.

The University of Mines and Technology is found in the region as well as Polytechnics colleges and the university located at Tarkwa. Also there are several Teacher colleges as well as Nursing colleges to be found in the region as well.

Located within the Western Region, you'll find that there are 13 different districts. The districts include the Nzema East District, the Ahanta West District, the Wassa West District, the Aowin/Suaman District, Mpohor/Wassa East District, Wasa Amenfi West District, Bia District, Juabeso District, Wasa Amenfi East District, Bibiani/Anhwiaso/Bekwai District, Shama Ahanta East Metropolitan District, Jomoro District, and the Sefwi-Wiawso District.

For those who want to visit the Western Region of Ghana, you'll find that there are many great places to visit. Various forts are available to tour, including Fort Metal Cross and Fort Apoloonia - Beyin, the lovely Ankasa Conservation Area, and more.

If you are touring the area, there are many lovely resorts, guest houses, and hotels that can be found for excellent accommodations.
Busia Beach Hotel
Surfing at the Busua Beach Resort.
virgin islands
Virgin Islands

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