Ghanaians love travelling and adventure usually outside Ghana. From Rep. of Togo to the North Pole, we can be found almost everywhere, with every person having a unique reason for living in another country.

Since the world has become a global village due to mordern technology- thanks to the internet. It has become so easy for people and families to link each other regardless of distance between them.

This site is one great medium to see your friends and families photos online, doing their own thing thousands of miles away.

This can be viewed on the Abroad News page or Abroad Events page.
As much as we enjoy sharing our passions in my communities, we all also want to hear whats going on with our fellow Ghanaians in other countries.

This could be anything ranging from breaking news, gossips, weddings, christening, parties and all kinds of events.

You can use the Contact Us form here to tell me your mind, whats happening in your country and anything about the Ghanaian community in your country of residence.

If you had a wonderful wedding or christening and you want any easy way for the whole world see it, just let me know by filling the Contact form to send me your photos and comments free of charge.

If your country or state or town is not listed,don't worry let me know and I will definately create one for you so you too can give all the filla you can about your community.

Below is a list of the Ghanaians Abroad groups:


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