Ghana is truly one of the most beautiful countries in all of Africa and since English is one of the recognized languages in the country, it is truly a wonderful place to visit.

Whether you are planning to visit Ghana on a vacation, to visit family, volunteer, on business, or even to explore some of the more interesting historical places in the country, no doubt you'll be looking for great Ghana accommodations, and indeed you'll find a large selection of great accommodations wherever you plan on visiting in the country of Ghana.

So, let's take a closer look at guest houses in Ghana and hotels in Ghana. Usually if you are traveling to Ghana you'll end up starting out by landing in the airport in Accra, and there are a variety of great hotels in Ghana that you can start your stay with in Accra.

One excellent hotel to consider if you are fresh off the plane in Accra is the Novotel Accra City Center, but there are many other choices to consider as well. More than likely you'll want to spend some time touring the city of Accra, which is full of sights to see, including the markets, the Accra centre for National Culture, and Independence Square.

You'll find that there are actually dozens of hotels in Ghana, from small little hotels that provide Ghana accommodations on a budget, to five star hotels and lavish resorts right on the beach.

Many of the hotels in Ghana have excellent features that include conference rooms, shops, fitness rooms, pools, and excellent restaurants.

You also want to forget about the excellent guest houses in Ghana, which is wonderful types of hotels that can be found across the country. Of course you'll find hotels in Ghana all across the country, not only in Accra.

You'll find them in all parts of the country, including in cities like Kumasi, Cape Coast, Wa, Bolgatanga, Tamale, Ho, Koforidua, and Sunyani. No matter where you travel across this beautiful African country, you are sure to find some excellent Ghana accommodations that are wonderfully suited for your needs and that offer excellent service as well.

If you happen to be in the Accra area, one of the most wonderful hotels that you may want to give a try is the Coconut Grove Regency, which is right near the business district in the city of Accra. You can quickly get to various Diplomatic buildings, to the National Theatre, USAID, and the World Bank Office from this hotel.

The hotel offers great rooms and several suites as well, and some of the features that are offered include satellite TV, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, both hot and cold water in the rooms, as well as a mini bar.A pool is on site and they have a nice place that is wonderful for holding outdoor events.

For those who are traveling to the Cape Coast area, one of the beautiful guest houses in Ghana to consider is the Coconut Grove Beach Resort, which also boasts a conference center.

This is a beautiful place to stay and many famous people have frequented this guest house, from Will Smith, to the Secretary General of the U.N. and even the Crown Prince of Holland.

This hotel provides great access to the beach and wonderful suites and rooms that have lovely beach views.

There are several family suites, several executive suites, and standard rooms as well. The features included are wi-fi connections, satellite TV, hot and cold water, air condition, and a wonderful swimming pool.

So, it is easy to see that when it comes to hotels in Ghana, there are definitely many great choices all across the country.

With all the accommodations in Ghana that are available, why not book your trip today and enjoy all that the gorgeous country of Ghana has to offer.

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