Osu Oxford Street is a premier business centre located in the Accra metropolis.

This street is the most popular street in Ghana and it derived it's name from the famous Oxford street in London, U.K because of its busy nocturnal activities. It is also known as the "West End".

osu fedility buildingJoining Osu Oxford Street from the Ring Road is a

famous roundabout dedicated to the memory of Dr J. B. Danquah.

Oxford street is a popular hang out especially on the weekends and holidays.

It is a hot spot for lovers and  a great place to entertain the whole family on special occasions.

Where to Eat?

When it comes to household groceries shopping, you'll find some of the finest supermarkets in Osu. Koala supermarket is my favorite, since they provide all my grocery needs. Adjacent to Koala is a liquor store which carries varieties of foreign drinks at discount prices.

The best restaurants are also located on and around this street. Dynasty, a Chinese Restaurant is one of the best and serves all kinds of cuisines.
Frankie's is another eating place you can trust. It has a popular ice cream joint and it is a nice place to "chill". It also has an exotic hotel above it.

osu papye fast food"Papaye" is a restaurant known for it's food and value. "Paye" as some people call it, is very well patronized.

Usually, a plate of food is good for two people.

"Container" is directly opposite "Papaye" on the Osu Oxford Street.

This is a sit-out bar and  eatery joint. On the weekends especially, there is usually a live music and acrobatic shows.

"Steers" is another fast food joint that specializes in burgers. Its just a duplicate of McDonald or Burger King.

The Osu Night market is where local food is sold all round the clock. The Osu Blue Gate is also another nice place to have spicy Tilapia and Banku( a local dish prepared with corn dough).

Night Life

osu-frankiesState of the art night clubs are very well patronized by nocturnal people like me.

The Ryan's Irish Pub and Makumba night clubs are highly recommended.

Their patronage is partly due to the free ladies night on weekends.

There are jazz clubs and the British style of pubs like the Ryan's Irish Pub which is not hard to find. Casinos, Gaming centers and Internet cafes are all sprung out on the street.


Every fashionable or vogue stuffs are not left out. Boutiques can be found on almost every corner of the street. Monte-Carlo is a high class boutique which carries exotic collection from the famous designers in the world.

oxford street osuThe local kiosks find their way in every little space(if any) on the street.

These shops usually sell local artifacts and paraphernalia to exhibit the rich culture of Ghana.

There are also a multitude of electronic stores like the Sony Centre, Somovision Ghana, just to name a few.

For your passport photos, Flash Photos, right at the Danquah roundabout is your ideal choice and Photo Club is the place for all your advanced photo needs.

The Osu-Oxford Street attracts people from all spheres of life. From rich to the poor, citizen to foreigner, young and old. Towards the end of every year, there is a big carnival and is opened to all.

It is close to all these amenities;

Kotoka International Airport
Accra Sports Stadium
Tema Harbor
Accra Central
Art Centre
Independence Square
Osu Christianbourg castle
Conference Centre
Labadi Beach Hotel and La Palm Hotel
Government Buildings(Ministries)

All the major embassies are 5 minutes max. from the Osu Oxford Street.

Apart from all these, there are Banks, Hospitals and Forex Bureaus, all of high standards.

With all these said, you'll never have a feel of what I'm talking about until you see things for yourself. Visit the Osu Oxford Street during your stay in Ghana and you'll have an experience of a kind.

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