Volta Region is one of the most significant regions in the West African country as far as tourism is concerned.

The region is about 165km from Accra the capital city of Ghana and the road network is up to standard, so you should have no worries. Electricity, drinking water, Internet service and a vibrant night life are some of the amenities you would enjoy in the Volta Region
of Ghana.

Located on the Eastern Borders of Ghana, the region is made of the Ewe people in which there are different tribes as is the unique hallmark of the Cultural setting in Ghana.

Before you even enter the region to begin your tour, you will have to behold the beauty of the majestic Adomi bridge which lies on the Volta Lake (the largest manmade lake in West Africa. adome-bridge-volta-region-ghanaThe rolling hills and valleys, rocky outcrops overlooking the lake, the breath taking

waterfalls, lakes and lagoons are but a few of the extraordinary

scenery that awaits you as you make your way to the eastern coastal plains of Ghana.

The Volta region has lots of well furnished and top notch hotels for your relaxation.
You have the Lorneh Lodge & Beach Resort Located in Keta, hotels-in-volta-regionthe Plain View Hotel in Agbozume, the Fiave Lodge in Ho, the 3 star Villa Cisneros Resort in Sogakope just to mention a few.

If you need a time with nature, then the White Sand Beaches of this region offer you just that. Want to take a hike?, then come along as we climb the impeccable Mount Afadjato which at 885 meters is the highest point in Ghana, but don’t worry because the ever smiling and ever cheerful locals would keep you company, maybe even race you to the mountain.

volta-region-wli-watefalls-ghanaIf you are not the hiking type, then join me as we go take a dip at any of the three outstanding waterfalls that the region has to offer you; The Tsatsadu Falls,

Tagbo Falls or the ever majestic and ever captivating
Wli Water Falls which is the highest of them all! Just imagine pure undiluted water splashing down on you from way up in the sky with its natural beauty!

May be you might be thinking now, Volta region has only water to offer. Well, just hold that thought as we explore the natural game reserves in the region. Tafi Monkey VillageJust for a moment imagine a safe haven for one of nature’s most exotic animals, mingling with people, living in their own world and just watching them as they do their own thing: that place is the Tafi Monkey Village, a sacred sanctuary for hundreds of monkeys who have been there over centuries, and trust me you would love to hear the story about how the place came about.

You could also visit the Kalakpe Game Production Reserve which has increasing reserve of migrating indigenous birds, ducks, buffalo’s and other animals.

You sum it all up with a visit to the new created Kyabobo National Park which lies at the foot of mount Djbobo on the border with Togo. No matter what you do, please don’t miss the dramatic natural beauty of the limestone Grottos and Caves in the region.

If you are fortunate, you might chance upon the celebration of one of the most colorful music and dance filled festival of the Anlo ethnic group in the region, The Hogbetsotso festival celebrated in the month of November to mark their exodus to their present settlement. You should certainly learn how to dance their captivating Borborbor dance!

Maybe you are looking for a place to escape from the polluted cities and tiring lifestyle, or you would like to have a deep muscle massage and holy-trinity-healthfarm-spa-ghanahave a complete Spa

If that’s what’s on your mind, 
then you are 

welcome to the only Spa by the river side,
 THE HOLY TRINITY HEALTH FARM AND SPA!!!  Yes it’s also in this region!!!


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