Upper East Region of Ghana compensates for its lack in natural resources by giving you the greatest tourist sites you could ever imagine. From wildlife to ancient history, this region has what it takes to make your tour a pleasant experience.

The 15 hours journey by bus from Accra to Bolgatanga, the capital city of the region is even a tour on its own, as you pass through about 5 different regions with pleasant views and incredible sceneries.

bolgatanga-slave-marketOn reaching Bolgatanga, you might want change your outlook a little bit and maybe get some great African clothing and artifacts at very affordable prices. The Bolgatanga Market Is the Place that has it all.

With the region being the main border point between Ghana and Burkina Faso, the Bolgatanga market is the number one place for traders from all walks to life to come buy and sell. Beautifully woven clothes, baskets, leather and other splendid items at very affordable prices are some of the things that make the market very popular with tourists.

Before you begin your tour, you might want pay a little respect to one of the most scared monuments of the people in the region. The NAA GEBWA SHRINE, built in the 13 century in honor of the founder of the dagbon tribe Naa Gbewaa.

Now onto some real mystery. THE WHISTLING ROCKS OF TONGO. uppereast-whilstling-rocks-of-tongoYes these rocks whistle just like that. Many people try to give meaning to the whole mystery behind the rock, but the mere sight of it can leave you baffled. Just 10km from Bolgatanga, this great landscape is a favorite tourist destination.

Time for a little scary adventure as you make your way to the one and only PAGA CROCORDILE POND. You might have heard of natural reserves for other wildlife animals, but I’m not too sure how many crocodile reserves there are. upper-east-paga-crocodile-pondThe Paga Crocodile Pond, on the Northeast Border of the region is a Natural Reserve for Crocodiles. You would just marvel at how  the locals interact with the reptiles just like the way you interact with your pet. They entice them with food, and the reptiles allow people to sit on them, hold their tails and even rub their back. As scary as that might sound, it’s really a pleasant experience.

Before leaving Paga, you might want to take a little history along with you. Go to Paga Nania, 3 kilometers west of Paga, and there you would find a slave camp used as a transit point for slaves during the slave trade.
This is located in a rocky plain called “PINKWORO” (Rock of fear), the 16th century built slave camp still has markings on the ground as the slaves pounded their feet and hands on the ground in anger which the slave masters were said to have enjoyed as music. upper-east-slave-camp  This place has so much history embedded in it that would make you re-live the experience the slaves went through.

Being quite a religious region, the Upper East region has a lot to offer if you want to tour religious monuments. One of such incredible edifice is the NAVORONG MUD BUILT CHURCH. upper-east-navorong-cathedralIn fact it is a CATHEDRAL built with only MUD! A very ingenious piece of architecture, named Our lady of Seven Souls Cathedral or Mother Church of The North, was built in 1906 by the first Catholic Missionaries who came from the Sahara. It is a real beauty and one of the holiest places to visit.

Beautiful Hotels and Rest houses with very affordable rates and ever smiling tour guides is what you would find when you visit the UPPER EAST REGION. The road network in the region is very well structured as compared to others and the transport system both public and private is very affordable.



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