Trip to the Nkrumah Masoleum and Park

My husband and I traveled to the Nkrumah Park on April 22, 2014. He is Ghanaian and I am an African American. We entered the park through an unlocked gates on the grounds where the gold statue is located. We spoke with a male employee ,who was very polite, to find the exact main entrance. We wanted to do the right thing and pay any necessary fees. We went to the female cashier in the booth. She didn't greet us properly and she was talking on her cell phone. She was very rude to us, asking me where I was from and speaking to me in twi so I could respond. She wanted me to pay the Non-Ghanaian entry fee. My husband explained that we both should pay the Ghana citizen fee. The security guard had to approach the booth since we did get a bit angry with the situation. Even the guard was pleasant and tried to us calm down. She also was laughing as if it was funny to her.

We refused to pay the fee and did not enter the building. I expected a more professional, friendly attitude from the staff Ghanaian tourist/educational/governmental institutions. I was appalled as an African American that I would come back home to such a disgusting person. Also, I was surprised that anyone would have to pay for such an activity. In Washington, DC, where Obama lives, all museums are free. Accra,Ghana should look into making some of their historical institutions free to the public also. Another option if to offer free or discounted admission to Africans returning home from the Diaspora.

I will be moving permanently to Ghana very soon and I will never go the Nkrumah park or take my children there.

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