Bojo Beach, The Only "Island Beach"

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Bojo Beach is one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in Ghana. It has features that
no other beach in Ghana or the world can contest with.

Beautiful Bojo Shores(Lagoon sie)Although not a very big beach, it is a great place to hang out with your love ones if you want

to have abundance of beach life and sneak away from the busy city of Accra.

The beach is about 20km from west of  Accra and its

becoming a very poplar beach destination for many tourists in Ghana. This  nice beach can be found on your way to Kokrobite Beach.

Bojo Beach is the only beach where you experience the rich "Island" experience on a sand bank with one side being fresh water and the other side being salty. This beach is sandwich between a lagoon and the sea shores. The lagoon joins the sea at some distant point, thus  making a long strip island.

The fresh lagoon side is quiet and the beautiful sea side is very active with vigorous waves and splashes. It is amazing how this beach is very clean, quiet and romantic.

The Long Bojo Beach islandOne interesting thing is that, when you arrive at the beach entrance you'll think you there rite?

You're wrong. There are special small canoes and boats that carry people across from the land to the shores.

These canoes are operated by trained and friendly staff so dont worry about your safety.

For people who want to ignite their adrenaline and have more fun, ski jets are available to rent. It cost just a few bucks per ride or time.

Ski-Jetting in the river side.Apart from the great aesthetic views of this magnificent beach,

the beach also has a nice on-shore restaurant serving khebabs, sea foods, native foods,

some continentals and all sorts of alcoholic drinks and soft drinks.

You just can't complain about the music, very good to your soul and mind.

The small huts scatted across the beach makes this paradise on earth a blissing and a relaxation joint after a hard week's work.


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